The personal art, music, filmmaking, and writing of Jeff A. Johnson . Please explore, share my work far and wide, share some of your own art and music, and give me feedback.

I've been passionate about music all my life - I started playing cornet and trumpet in my elementary school band, then fell in love with the guitar at age 12. I've seen dabbled or devoured most all stringed instruments, to varying levels of mastery : bass, banjo, uke, viola, sitar, mandolin. 

My all-consuming favorite is the Chapman Stick. Not just for the amazing sounds, and unique playing style. But it bends people's minds when they see it & I have to explain it.

Here's me playing at the Vancouver Stick Seminar, May 2012 :

 * More photos, info, and sounds to come
* Enjoy the music of Colossal Inertia! I was the frontman for this band - singing lead on most songs, playing Stick, guitar, banjo, and other noisemakers. It's been a wonderful collaborative environment, with some acutely talented folks with a penchant for taking rock music in weird directions, with strong improvisational skills and attitudes.
* I've also made or taken part in many short film & video subjects, here are some of my own works : 
* "Newspapercuts : Final Delivery" . Selection at the 2009 Oakland Hero Fest
        * "Personal Truths".