Senior 2D & 3D CGI ARTIST
CG lighting & lookdev, FX animation, Crowd simulation, 3D generalist, compositing, pipeline
VFX, live-action film, commercials, animated features, motion graphics, games, mobile
                                          bidding, pre-production, on-set, videography, post-production

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Software and scripting
Expert : Maya, Massive, Houdini, Nuke, Shake, Adobe CS;  Renderman, Mantra, Mental Ray
Experienced : Katana, After Effects, Premiere; Vray, Arnold;  Python, MEL, Cortex, Lua, JavaScript
Familiarity : Realflow, 3dsMax;  C++ , C#;  Unity, UDK, CryEngine

Demo Reel for Games Development and Art :

Demo Reel for FX animation & Crowd simulation :

Demo Reel for Lighting :

Demo Reel for Compositing & Live-action :

My mission statement as a CG artist and content creator :

I relish technical challenges and creative problem-solving in a team setting, and am always excited to explore new technology and interactive experiences.  I believe it's the art we create, the stories we tell, the worlds we build, that are the most important goals to deliver for audiences and users.

As the realms of filmmaking and games converge, it is pursuing great ideas and keeping a strong artistic vision - supported but not subverted by the cutting edge of technology - which will drive us to offer the best possible product and experience.

More than a decade of experience at some of the top VFX and animation studios around the world.

Available for contract, consulting, or freelance production and post-production work.
Ready to contribute to your game, website, or mobile app.
What are you looking for from your collaborator and technical artist?

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